Wide range of physical treatments in Espoo and the Helsinki metropolitan area

Welcome to Olarin Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos, our professional physiotherapy company. We are located along good traffic communications in Olari, Espoo – we are easily reachable by car and public transport alike.

We offer our customers very comprehensive physiotherapy treatments as well as new and effective treatments from cryotherapy to horse riding simulator treatments. Olarin Fysikaalinen hoitolaitos offers e.g. versatile massage services, kinesio tape treatments and lymphatic draining. Read more about our versatile service range.

We also offer product demonstrations of Safehip hip protectors and sell different medical compression stockings and varied physiotherapeutic treatment products. Explore the Product sales on our pages!

At your service

Kylli Pesonen
general manager, physiotherapy entrepreneur, physiotherapist, lymph therapist, acupuncture, neurological rehabilitation, lymph binding, lymph taping, kinesio taping, house calls, specialist in geriatric rehabilitation, product demonstrations for Safehip hip protectors

Soili Stormi
physiotherapist, specialist physiotherapist, orthopedic and neurological physiotherapy, treatment of benign positional vertigo, kinesio taping, myofascial taping, house calls

Antti Eronen
physiotherapist, CMP (Certified Mulligan Practitioner), physical education instructor, acupuncture, treatment of benign positional vertigo, kinesio taping, Muscular Energy technique, Mulligan technique, house calls

Tuomas Arohonka
physiotherapist, sports masseur, acupuncture, kinesio taping, treatment of benign positional vertigo, house calls, neurological rehabilitation

Co-operation partners

Our co-operation partners include
Fysioline, FysioShop retailer
Mediteam Oy
Municipality of Kirkkonummi
Safehip hip protectors
Bauerfeind products

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Olarin Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos Oy is a member of Espoon Yrittäjät Ry and Fysi Ry.

Olarin Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos Oy
Kuunsäde 10 A
010 6663490