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Presenting the Ice Power cold gel

  • Instant effect
  • Does not require an absorption time like medical treatment
  • In a few minutes’ time, lowers the skin’s surface temperature by about 5 degrees, reflex effect also on deeper tissues
  • The effect is more optimal than other cold treatments, shorter duration of action, eliminating body counter reactions
  • As the skin temperature normalizes after the cold gel treatment, blood circulation and metabolism speed up thanks to the essential oils in the gel, decreasing swelling
  • Fast and easy to use anywhere – ensuring regular treatment
  • Treatment can be repeated several times like a course
  • Large area of use

Ice Power products

The ORIGINAL Finnish cold treatment method, also scientifically proven to decrease pain and speed up recovery in soft tissue injuries.

Safehip hip protectors

Safehip Soft Active 115,94 €                       Safehip unisex 86,70 €

Safehip hip protectors are meant for preventing hip fractures in people with an increased fracture risk.

Explore the SAFEHIP® AirX™ brochure.

Mediflow pillow

89,73 €

The Mediflow water pillow is a luxurious pillow originally developed for people with chronic neck pains. Explore the Mediflow pillow product brochure.

Other products

TheraBand home aerobics set 13,11 €
TheraBand hand exercise ball 13,11 €

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