Horse riding simulator

The mechanical horse riding simulator JOBA was developed based on horse riding therapy and is an effective exercise device that produces smooth and steady riding movements.

  • three training programs: downhill, even terrain and uphill
  • manual speed control, nine speed levels

The central point of the riding simulator’s operation is that the movement moves the body smoothly away from the centre of balance – to the left, to the right, forward and backward – forcing the body to make regular responding movements to keep the  body in balance.
Increases muscle activity in the abdominal and thigh muscles during downhill riding.
Increases muscle activity in the back and gluteus muscles during uphill riding.
The horse riding simulator is a form of exercise excellently suited for neurological patients, patients in a wheelchair, amputees and people with back ailments. It can be used as a warm up for other physiotherapy.

Simultaneous dumbbell exercises can be added to the riding exercises.

If you have questions on the horse riding simulator or our other treatments, contact us and we can talk more!

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