Kinesio taping

Kinesio tape is made of cotton and is non-allergenic. The tape stretches in proportion to skin. The tape does not restrict joint movement or feel constricting. The tape’s stretch corresponds to the muscle’s normal elasticity. You can shower, go to the sauna and sweat with the tape on. The average usage age is a week. Kinesio taping is not the same as sport taping. The difference is in the tape material and taping method. The tapes have different colours but they have the same effect.

Most common applications on kinesio taping:

  • inflammations, repetitive strain injuries (tennis elbow, jumper’s knee)
  • swelling, large bruises (sprained joints)
  • amending joint movement (ankle and shoulder)
  • pain spots
  • improving blood and lymphatic circulation and mobility
  • decreasing muscle tension

What is the effect of kinesio taping?

  • alleviating pain
  • increasing mobility
  • increasing muscular strength
  • improving blood and lymphatic circulation
  • softening fibrotic tissue
  • normalising muscle tone
  • improving joint mechanics and learning the proper movement model
  • kinesio tape raises the skin mechanically and thus movement between the skin and muscle tissue improves

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