Lymphatic drainage

Our lymph therapists have been trained at the Feldberg clinic in Germany and gone through the LYKO training organised by Suomen Lymfahoito ry.

Comprehensive lymphatic drainage is a physiotherapy specialty under soft tissue treatments.

It is used to treat swelling caused by various things, their consequences and ailments and illnesses with swelling as a symptom.

The lymphatic system is a transport system parallel to the blood circulation system; its most important task is removing fluid and protein left in tissues by capillary metabolism.

Lymphatic drainage is an effective treatment

  • for lymphoedema
    • primary cause: lymphatic system disorder
    • secondary cause: lymphadenectomy and lymph node irradiation, other wide-range operations that have damaged the lymphatic system, trauma or repeated infections (usually erysipelas)
  • post-traumatic and postoperative swelling
  • advanced venous insufficiency and venous ulcer
  • different forms of lipoedema
  • inflammatory rheumatic illnesses, especially during the inflammation phase
  • neural tissue irritation
  • relieving symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • alleviating back pains

Therapy started early enough gives the best results.

Lymphatic drainage is light and calm massage done by hand, proceeding in a specific sequence along the lymphatic system. Massage cream or oil or not used in lymphatic drainage. For the most difficult swelling, compression i.e. pressure bandages are used as well as compression sleeves and stockings.

Lymphatic drainage also requires self-training according to the lymph therapist’s guidelines.

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